Hamas supporters hold rally outside historic Montreal synagogue

While pro-Israel counter-protesters sung O Canada, the pro-Hamas crowd chanted 'Free Palestine' while others made derogatory remarks like 'F*** Canada.'

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On March 5, 2024, a group of self-proclaimed 'pro-Palestinian' Islamist leftists headed towards a Jewish synagogue to convey a message and disrupt an ongoing event. They claim that stolen land is being sold at the synagogue.

A Jewish woman stated: "I have heard that there would be a demonstration, that the Palestinians are gonna come here and gonna try to stop us from coming and having a gathering in our own synagogue."

This is an an excuse to intimidate Jews, according to feeling Erik Heft, a participant in the real estate event at Montreal's historic Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue.

Typically, these Hamas-sympathizing demonstrations have taken place in public parks or on streets like Sainte-Catherine Street.

However, on Tuesday, anti-Israeli protesters chose the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue located in the Snowdon neighborhood. It is the oldest Jewish congregation in Canada, a place of prayer and safety for many Canadians and their families.

The demonstration, scheduled for 6:30 p.m., actually started around 2:30 p.m. when police arrived to establish a security perimeter around the synagogue.

Present at the scene were supporters of Israel singing the Canadian national anthem, while pro-Hamas demonstrators chanted "Free Palestine," and some made derogatory remarks towards Canada like "F*ck Canada."

“They're claiming that Zionists are not real Jews when in fact 90% of Jews identify as Zionists,” added Erik Heft.

On the side of the Jewish community, a decision was made with the police to leave together at the end of the demonstration, after peacefully dancing and singing with music.

The pro-Hamas side, who were very hateful and aggressive, stayed longer until the police escorted them out of the synagogue area. According to the information we obtained, no major incidents occurred, and the police ensured that everything proceeded safely.

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