Hinton, Alberta REACTS: Eco-radicals are trying to shut down the coal industry

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Albertans have been duped. Tricked. Hoodwinked, by radicals lying about impending alpine doom.

A campaign supported by the NDP, and funded by environmentalists, successfully misled thousands of Albertans into thinking the Rocky Mountains were moments away from being turned into a Mordor-like hell. This all became a massive ordeal after the Premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, announced he was modernizing a four-decade old coal policy.

That’s right. The 1976 policy was written when coal made up the bulk of the power production in Alberta. Now, it makes up a sliver. The thing is — coal is still a huge part of our economy. We export a lot of coal to Asian markets. If we didn’t, someone else would. China is currently producing more than one million megawatts of power with coal. They need it, and they will get that coal one way or another.

Canada is the perfect supplier — we pull the steel-making, power-generating resource out of the ground in more environmentally conscious ways than anywhere else on the planet. We remediate the land, and we don’t abuse our workers.

The eco-radicals trying to shut down the industry, however — they don’t care.

That is why I went to Hinton, in the heart of the coal seams of the Rocky Mountains, to see exactly what is going on with coal, and why Jason Kenney flip-flopped on this very important file.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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