How does Pfizer feel about their vaccine? Here's what they say

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From Toronto Mayor John Tory to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, numerous politicians and public health officials have repeatedly assured Canadians that the vaccines are a perfectly safe and effective means of dealing with COVID-19.

But what do the makers of the vaccines themselves say? Well, that information is listed on the company websites, like Pfizer's for example, and they happen to contradict claims made by Canadian officials.

The difference between what government is saying and what the companies themselves are saying was a topic of discussion on today's Rebel News DAILY Livestream hosted by Ezra Levant.

After going through the documents, Ezra said: 

I learned some new things today, did you learn some new things from that document?

The first thing I learned was all the warnings that you are supposed to receive before getting the vax and I just don't think that those warnings are being given everywhere — certainly when they're offering free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, free lottery tickets, free ice cream to kids.

The second thing I learned, is that according to Pfizer, not taking the vaccine is not supposed to affect your medical treatment, but it sure sounds like [it does]. The whole idea of a vaccine passport says you have to take it.

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