EXCLUSIVE: Professional actress among pro-Huawei protesters supporting Meng Wanzhou in Canada

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Protesters gathered on Monday outside of Meng Wanzhou’s extradition hearing. The youthful group, all with matching signage supportive of the release of the Chinese CFO, or “Ms. Meng” as all the signs say, were not there to answer questions. When questioned, one protester piped up “we are not liable to answer if we don’t want to!”

Got it.

Just like the signs carried by the vocabulary-challenged protesters, Huawei’s official video statement uses the odd phrase, “Ms. Meng.” This led Rebel News to consider the fact that these might not be normal protesters.

This led Rebel News to consider the fact that these might not be normal protesters.

It did not take long to confirm the identity of at least one of the Pro-China protesters: Julia Hackstaff, a professionally trained actress. The Hispanic-Canadian actress boasts several hits on her IMDb, and prominently features her video portfolio — a collection of character portrayals often used by actors looking for work.

Hackstaff, when questioned by Bob Mackin of TheBreaker.news quickly ducked away from the camera and handed in her pre-made sign to an individual off-camera as she left the scene.

What was this professional actress, with no prior history of activism, doing at the extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou?

Did you know that Huawei is now showering Canadian media with sponsorship money?

Even Hockey Night in Canada took the cash. 

Unlike them, however, we’ll never take money from Communist China. Instead, we rely on our viewers to keep us going. So, if you can, please click here to fund public-interest journalism like this — thank you!

It’s also time to ban Huawei from Canada! The cash payments and fake protests can’t hide the fact that Huawei is a massive threat to Canadian security. And we have to stop it. Our security and sovereignty depend on it. If you agree, please click here or visit BanHuawei.com to sign our petition to rid Huawei and its Chinese state-approved technology from Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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