“I don't want politics in the classroom“ | Teen activist Maxim Smith on radical left education

Recently, I spoke with a teacher who is currently suspended for daring to speak out against the radical left-wing ideologies being taught in our classrooms. In that report, I also featured a clip from a parent who walked in on his child being forced to listen to the Canadian national anthem in Mandarin, while a Communist Chinese flag was displayed on the screen.

The public school system just seems so hopelessly one-sided in their approach to education.

I decided to reach out to a young YouTuber who has made it his mission to expose the radical beliefs that teachers are forcing onto students.

Maxim Smith hopes to make his Free Minds - Expose Education project into something like Project Veritas, except with a focus on the education sector. To see more of Maxim's content, you can visit his YouTube page, or his website, ExposeEducation.com.

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