“I saw myself as someone who didn't have any value”: Trafficking survivor tells her story

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Human trafficking is a huge problem; it’s a massive industry, that effects children, women, men and even babies. People of all walks of life and of all ages.

Sadly, there is a market. Now, I know many of you watching are thinking: "I know this Drea." But I’m starting to notice signs that a lot more than I previously expected, do not comprehend just how devastating this rape industry is.

As you know we report on the other side of the story and I am very sad to say that human trafficking, is in fact the other side and grossly underreported side of the story, but that’s the truth.

According to BedBible.com, “Profits from forced sexual labor are estimated at $99 billion worldwide” and not only that, “profits are highest per sex trafficking victim in developed economies.”

I interviewed Jessa Dillow Crisp, the co-founder and executive director of BridgeHope. She's a warrior, a mentor and a survivor of a human trafficking story that started on Canadian soil.

But before you hear from Jessa, I want to say thank you, to a couple of people: one is to you. For clicking on this video, when so many would pass right by, and also to all of you who will be so bold as to share this video with others as you never know how many lives can be saved when we raise awareness on human trafficking.

And last I want to thank the Rebel team. Ezra, Eitan, and who ever else saw something in me from online, that led them to invite me to become a Rebel

You see without that opportunity, I wouldn’t be here right now talking to you after interviewing Jessa on a subject everyone needs to be informed about. 

So, thank you.

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So that’s enlightening babbling from me. Let’s here from Jessa Dillow Crisp and get comfy, because you’re going to want to watch this video from start to finish.

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