'I'm a leftist, but...' Floridians react to Biden family after Hunter video leak

New leaks allegedly show Hunter Biden weighing crack cocaine and pictures sent to father Joe — nicknamed 'Pedo Peter' in contacts — of the troubled son of the president having sex with prostitutes.

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With the recent leaks from 4chan looking at the iCloud account of Hunter Biden, many people online saw explicit and illegal activity from the U.S. President's son. The alleged videos and photos included Hunter weighing rocks of crack cocaine, pictures sent to Joe Biden of Hunter having sex with prostitutes, and even Hunter naming Joe in his contact info as Pedo Peter.

Controversy regarding Biden's son is not new with these 4chan leaks.

Two years ago, there was a confirmed leak from a laptop that Hunter left at a computer repair shop in Delaware that showed similar material to the recent videos and images that surfaced. Pictures came out with Hunter smoking crack with a crackpipe and other illegal activities such as sexual encounters with prostitutes.

Rebel News spoke with students at Florida International University in Miami, Florida to see what their reactions were to the recent leaks, as well as the leaks from the “laptop from hell” that were confirmed by the Department of Justice, as well as news outlets like New York Post and the New York Times. We also asked the students where they tend to get their news content, especially if they hadn't heard of these stories regarding the Biden family.

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