Immigrants to Alberta reopen Mexican restaurant, defying lockdown orders

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The Noble Fox is a Mexican restaurant in the small picturesque central Alberta town of Bashaw.

Carlos and Caroline Siguenza own The Noble Fox. They're from El Salvador, and they chose Bashaw as the place to live out their entrepreneurial dream and raise their five kids. They're proud Albertans. They love their community, and the feeling is mutual.

However, Carlos and Caroline had to close The Noble Fox to dine-in service in the middle of December, after the Alberta government ordered all restaurant dining rooms closed as part of the ongoing, seemingly never-ending pandemic lockdown.

But on Wednesday, for the first time in six weeks, The Noble Fox served dine-in customers, in defiance of the lockdown orders.

I was on hand to see the first customers come in, and to talk to Carlos about why he's decided that civil disobedience is the only way his business can survive.

After we left, Carlos and Caroline received a ticket for opening their doors to customers again and trying to survive. So we’re helping them fight that ticket in court, by providing them with an expert lawyer, free of charge to them. If you want to support our civil liberties project and help small businesses like The Noble Fox, please donate at

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