28,000 warrants out for refugee claimants, including over 600 convicted criminals

646 claimants have been charged criminally in Canada or abroad — but only 13 are in custody, according to the immigration department.

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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) says there are 28,145 active warrants for failed refugee claimants, and 18,000 have removal orders. Included in the deportees are over 600 convicted criminals.

The data was made public through an inquiry of the Immigration Ministry by Conservative MP for Saskatoon West, Brad Redekopp.

According to the return from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada:

"There are 73 individuals detained that are failed refugee claimants. There are also 12,882 individuals enrolled in an alternative to detention program, the majority of whom are also failed refugee claimants; however, an exact figure cannot be confirmed within the time allotted."

"There are 18,684 failed refugee claimants with an enforceable removal order. A removal order is enforceable after it has come into force (in other words, after any applicable appeal period) and is not stayed. The number of active warrants issued to failed refugee claimants currently stands at 28,145 active warrants."

"646 have been charged criminally in Canada or abroad—but only 13 are in custody."

"410 individuals are inadmissible after being convicted in Canada of a Criminal Code offence."

"236 individuals are inadmissible after being convicted in their country of origin of an equivalent charge to a Criminal Code offence."

"253 of those criminals are currently considered wanted."

They must have honked their horns. Blew up a bouncy castle.

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