Indigenous AFL icons included in historical racism class action set to shake Australian sport

Indigenous Australian rules football legends automatically involved in landmark racism class action against AFL.

Indigenous AFL icons included in historical racism class action set to shake Australian sport
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Indigenous Australian Rules football icons, such as Michael Long, Eddie Betts, Nicky Winmar, and Michael ‘Magic’ McLean, will be automatically included in a significant racism class action against the AFL.

Lawyers acting on behalf of lead plaintiff Phil Krakouer confirmed on Sunday that all eligible players would automatically become part of the group.

Former Indigenous players who have claimed to be the victims of racism during their careers, like Long, Betts, and Winmar, would need to opt out if they did not wish to participate.

The class action, which could exceed 1000 group members, is scheduled for a case conference in the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The legal action, represented by Gordon Legal and Margalit Injury Lawyers, seeks justice for players who experienced racism between 1975-2022, offering compensation for economic loss and psychological damage.

Michel Margalit from Margalit Injury Lawyers stated, “This is the most significant racial vilification claim in Australian history.”

Indigenous players, who have chosen anonymity, expressed their trauma from racism allegations against Phil and Jimmy Krakouer, involving prominent figures like Kevin Sheedy and Terry Daniher.

Despite denials from accused parties, including the AFL, Margalit emphasised the 'importance of redressing past harm' and 'promoting meaningful change' within the sport.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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