Jacinta Price slams Lisa Wilkinson: If she was a real woman she’d apologise to me personally

Senator Jacinta Price calls out Lisa Wilkinson for failing to personally apologise after leaked audio recording reveals shocking comments.

Jacinta Price slams Lisa Wilkinson: If she was a real woman she’d apologise to me personally
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Jacinta Price has called out Lisa Wilkinson for not offering a personal apology following explosive leaked audio recordings in which the senator was seemingly mocked as a "diversity pick" by the TV host.

The audio, exclusively presented on Sky News Australia last week, captured a meeting between Wilkinson, her producer Angus Llewellyn, Brittany Higgins, and her partner David Sharaz.

During the discussion on the senator's preselection, Wilkinson struggled with pronouncing Price's name in a derogitory manner.

While Senator Price received an apology from Wilkinson in the form of a statement, she expressed her desire for a direct apology, saying:

"If she was a real woman, I guess she'd ring me and apologise personally."

Despite the statement being passed on to her by her staff, Price felt that a personal apology from Wilkinson was the least she could do to.

In addition to the lack of a personal apology, Senator Price criticised Wilkinson's values, particularly her supposed championing of Indigenous Australians and issues surrounding Australia Day. Talking to Sky News Australia, Senator Price stated:

"It's evident that they're not the values she holds true to, it's all a front."

Price also made a stunning call for the resignation of Senator Katy Gallagher, the Minister for Finance, over her alleged prior knowledge of Brittany Higgins' rape allegations.

Leaked text messages suggest that Senator Gallagher knew about the claims four days before they became public, despite her later denying any knowledge in June 2021.

Expressing her disappointment, Price claimed that the allegations were exploited for political gain. She emphasised the importance of reporting such serious allegations to the police and criticised Senator Gallagher for not doing so.

"She needs to stop treating the Australian people as if they're stupid now. She needs to just admit to her wrongdoing and resign," she said.

Senator Price emphasised that trust in Australia's leaders is crucial and expressed doubts about the public's trust in Senator Gallagher.

Price's criticism of Lisa Wilkinson's failure to personally apologise and her call for Senator Katy Gallagher's resignation over her alleged exploitation of Brittany Higgins' rape allegations have sparked a new wave of controversy in Australian politics.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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