Kenney sends official envoy, pro-carbon tax Mark Cameron to anti-oil conference

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The Alberta government had just launched the so-called energy war room. The Canadian Energy Center 30 million dollar project by Jason Kenney’s conservative government to combat misinformation about Alberta's oil and gas industry.

Its a good idea and long over due. For years, the Alberta Government and the oil and gas industry have let the anti-oil NGOs lead the conversation and inject their version of the facts, feelings and one-sided “truth” into what is in reality a scientific, financial and safety-oriented debate.

But, Alberta Government is still quietly working under the failed pretense of garnering social license with the enemies of oil and gas all while going through the political theatre of fighting back.

Today I'll show you the conference of carbon taxers Alberta sent an envoy to.

It's called the Energy Future Forum and it's populated with 'fraidy cat oil companies that would rather lay off workers than stand up for their own industry, activist banksters, and anti-oil organizers, like the World Wildlife Fund, and the Pembina Institute's former head, Ed Whittingham.

It's a meeting of underminers, Stockholm syndrome sufferers, and saboteurs.

Oh, and a pro carbon tax Alberta Government bureaucrat named Mark Cameron.

Cameron was hired by Jason Kenney after spending years advocating for carbon taxes from within the conservative movement as the head of Clean Prosperity. You can see the details at

Mark Cameron isn’t part of the War Room. If the Alberta government sent a “war roomer”, this would be a totally different story.

Instead, they sent the sympathizer?

So what is it? Is it the war room? A tool to fight back? Or the social license room?

Because Notley already tried that, and 150,000 people lost their jobs.

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