Jim Karahalios addresses the infighting among the convoy's leadership

The leader of the New Blue Party of Ontario was serving as legal counsel for one of the Freedom Convoy organizers, Benjamin Dichter, and touches on the disagreements between Dichter and others involved in the protest.

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In a surprise to some viewers who have been following along with the Public Order Emergency Commission, the co-founder and leader of the New Blue Party of Ontario, Jim Karahalios, appeared at the public inquiry to represent Benjamin Dichter, one of the Freedom Convoy organizers, during his testimony.

The inquiry, which we here at Rebel News are calling the Trucker Commission, is a mandatory investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's invoking of the Emergencies Act, the never-before-used successor to the former War Measures Act. Trudeau used this extreme legislation this past February in an attempt to crush the peaceful convoy protesters after they'd demonstrated in Ottawa for nearly a month.

In today's report, we'll bring you an interview with Karahalios following his appearance at the commission. As one of the early organizers behind the Freedom Convoy, Dichter was called to the stand to testify.

Karahalios, who studied law at the University of Ottawa before entering politics, spoke to us about why he decided to represnt Dichter during the convoy and his view of Freedom Corp. — a group of other key figures in the convoy which includes Tamara Lich, Chris Barber and Tom Marazzo.

The New Blue leader also touched on Dichter's relationship with Marazzo and a whole lot more. The things Dichter said, and Karahalios told Rebel News, were quite different from what Marazzo and Keith Wilson, a lawyer for the convoy, recalled during their testimonies. This tension between the convoy figures was on full display when another convoy lawyer, Brendan Miller, cross-examined Dichter.

Although the inquiry is set to continue for nearly another three weeks, Dichter and his counsel, Karahalios, were not given standing, which means they will not be allowed to cross-examine any of the other witnesses appearing in front of the commission.

To see our in-depth coverage of the inquiry and to support our 100% viewer-funded journalism, visit TruckerCommission.com.

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