Joe Biden is a “national security disaster” for the US | Benjamin Weingarten with Ezra Levant

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Newsweek opinion columnist Benjamin Weingarten joined Ezra to discuss his most recent piece, where he shared his thoughts on how the Chinese regime is eagerly anticipating a return to the status quo with regard to its relationship with the United States.

An incoming Biden administration, as Benjamin pointed out, has the potential to be a national security nightmare for the country: 

At every turn, he [Joe Biden] has supported China's rise and this is to say nothing of the — at the very minimum — appearance of compromise and corruption associated with his families dealings with Chinese Communist Party tied individuals and entities.

So all of that adds up to, in effect, a national security disaster for America. And what I write about in this piece is what China is saying and what Chinese officials are saying — including the foreign minister — is that they look forward to an end of the bad old days of the Trump era, where of course they used the same kind of rhetoric CNN would use over here. Isolationism and McCarthyism, and the like. 

Essentially what they say, is now we can return to a period of normalcy and cooperation... And of course, that's exactly what the Biden camp is messaging itself.

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