“A newly released phone recording of Hunter Biden has surfaced, and it's shocking”

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While much of Silicon Valley and the mainstream media have denied users access to New York Post articles on the Hunter Biden scandal, Trump supporters have taken it upon themselves to make sure Joe Biden hears their questions.

The emails, videos, and photos of Hunter Biden haven't been very consequential to the political family as of yet; however, a newly released phone recording of Hunter Biden has surfaced, and it's shocking. 

In the recording, Biden is heard talking about working with a billionaire who is currently missing — Patrick Ho Chi-Ping... dubbed the “spy chief of China.”

A former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong; Ho Chi-Ping who was convicted in a multi-million dollar bribery plot in Africa, and served roughly three years in American jail. He was recently released.

The other name mention on the recording was someone named "Devon." That's believed to be Biden associate Devon Archer who, along with two others, was convicted by a federal jury in Manhattan in 2018. Charges were later overturned, but as of a few weeks ago, these same charges have been reinstated.

Both Archer and Hunter Biden served on the board of now-infamous Ukrainian oil company Burisma while Joe Biden was Vice President. According to the New York Post:

Beginning in 2014, Archer and Hunter Biden served on Burisma’s board as Vice President Joe Biden oversaw U.S. policy on the European country of roughly 42 million. Hunter has said his decision to do so was a “mistake,” while his father had repeatedly defended the move, saying “my son did nothing wrong.”

Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski was recently interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

Bobulinksi explained exactly how he met Joe Biden, and how the Biden family planned to use “plausible deniability” to deny involvement:

Watch my report for more of the information you need on this blowout case of Biden-family corruption.

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