Jonathan Yaniv UPDATE: Prohibited weapon charges may not go to trial

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This morning, Jonathan Yaniv had a court appearance for counts of possession of a prohibited weapon at the Surrey, British Columbia courthouse.

Yaniv is probably most famous for terrorizing vulnerable immigrant aesthetician women by, first, tricking them into thinking he was a biological woman, and then hammering these ladies with Human Rights Commission complaints when they refused — either out of religious, safety or professional objections — to wax his male genitals.

The weapons charges stem from Yaniv brandishing a taser during a YouTube livestream debate with trans Youtuber Blaire White in August 2019. After executing a warrant, police found two conductive energy devices which are illegal for civilian use in Canada.

Yaniv was not in court today. Instead, his lawyer appeared on his behalf and asked that the case be put over for disposition March 16, 2020.

That could mean a few things, however I overheard Yaniv's lawyer say that he and the Crown are discussing “resolution” to the case.

Yaniv could be entering into a plea deal with the Crown and avoiding trial, but that won't be confirmed until the next appearance in March.

I will be back in Surrey in three weeks to make sure that whatever happens with the charges Yaniv is facing, it won't be resolved in secrecy or buried by a mainstream media that wants to ignore this slow-motion freak show.

You can help cover the cost for us to do accountability journalism on Jonathan Yaniv, and support the lawsuit Keean Bexte and David Menzies filed against Yaniv for assault, at

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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