Richmond Hill MP Majid Jowhari holds meet and greet, but calls cops on Rebel News

When David Menzies showed up to ask questions about Jowhari's alleged support for the Iranian regime, his staff called the police.

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On Parliament Hill, there are good MPs, there are mediocre MPs, and there are downright horrid MPs. And then there’s Majid Jowhari, the Liberal Member of Parliament for the riding of Richmond Hill, someone with a track record so odious that even some of his fellow Liberals, such as Reza Moridi, have denounced him.

The Richmond Hill riding has a significant Iranian population. Since I lived in this city for more than two decades, I can tell you that every Iranian I have met are those who fled their home country for a better life, given that Iran post-1979 has devolved into an authoritarian state and the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism.

So how is it that someone such as Jowhari — who, incredibly, is pro-Iranian regime — can get elected? This is a man who has tweeted words of congratulations to the Iranian regime, has arranged meetings with members of the Iranian government and supports Iran reestablishing an embassy in Ottawa.

He has also lied about the status of his engineering credentials, earning Jowhari the dubious nickname of “the Persian Pinocchio.”

And lately, Jowhari’s track record has devolved from bad to horrid. Last November, it was reported by Global News that Jowhari had met with an Iranian businessman, Alireza Onghaei, who is accused of helping Tehran circumvent international sanctions.

CSIS called the financial transfers a threat to national security and cited “foreign influenced activities” detrimental to Canada. Of note, Onghaei has also financially contributed to Jowhari’s election campaign.

Alas, my quest for answers at a recent Jowhari event did not go well. The MP’s most repeated response was, “I’ve already answered those questions” (without tangibly answering any questions).

I was then ordered off the premises. I complied, standing on a public sidewalk to film my report. Apparently, Jowhari believed he was still in Tehran, not the Toronto area, and the police were called. No fewer than four York Regional Police cruisers rushed to the scene… whereupon the officers told Jowhari and his minions that it is not a crime for a journalist to practice journalism on a sidewalk… this being the Dominion of Canada, not the Islamic Republic of Iran. (A big thumbs up for the cops regarding this file.)

Still, the question arises: why is that the Justin Trudeau Liberals have such a soft spot in their hearts for terrorists and terrorism? Examples:

  • Canada’s homegrown Al Qaeda terrorist, Omar Khadr, was given $10.5 million, ostensibly for hurt feelings;

  • During his disastrous India trip, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invites along Jaspal Atwal, who is a member of an illegal Sikh separatist group and was convicted of attempted murder;

  • Marc Garneau suggesting last week that it is possible Canada might recognize the Taliban as the new government of Afghanistan;

  • Putting up with Jowhari’s pro-Iranian regime shenanigans.

Of note: the Richmond Hill riding is clearly one to watch. On election night in 2019, Conservative candidate Costas Menegakis went to bed as the victor for this riding; he woke up the next day to discover that after all the mail-in ballots had been counted, Jowhari had been reelected by a scant 112 votes.

Now the people of Richmond Hill face a choice to make in 2021: do they want to vote for a candidate that stands up for Western values? Or would they prefer to vote for a candidate who embraces the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world today? 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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