Stop the persecution! Lockdowns are over, yet people are still being charged

This petition calls for Alberta's new premier to keep her promise to end the lockdown persecutions.

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Friends, I need your help making sure our new premier, Danielle Smith, keeps her promise to Albertans.

Some of the images coming out of Alberta during the lockdown was shocking for a lifelong Albertan like me. Something I never thought I would see happen here, especially under a former premier who fancied himself to be the free-enterprise, small-government, pro-religious freedom guy.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was fined for feeding the homeless, something the government called an illegal public gathering, and he went to jail for days for turning away health inspectors who wanted to barge into his church during services.

Church in the Vine in Edmonton just paid an obscene $80,000 fine for turning away an army of inspectors and police that wanted to inspect the church for COVID compliance as the pastor was preaching and as people were praying.

This government even ticketed a horse at a protest.

Danielle Smith says Albertans deserve an apology. She said it during the debate: 

So here's the plan.  I have a petition at, go there and please sign it! I will make sure that it ends up on the premier's desk. 

It calls for her to keep her promise to end the lockdown persecutions. Because the government under Kenney would rather go after churches, pastors, horses and business owners than bad guys. 

I've got a special link for you here where you can send the premier's office an email directly,  reminding her of the promise she made to Albertans when she was campaigning to end the lockdown persecutions, and to offer an apology for the previous government's misdeeds against the civil liberties of Albertans.

I want Danielle Smith to do the things she said she would do.  Because I think the things she said she would do are exactly what needs to be done for our great province to heal from the trauma and division inflicted upon it by the previous government. The people need this.  I'm not on the side of any politician, I just want to hold them to account on behalf of the people, and that’s who I work for, and Danielle Smith now works for you.

She said it, so let's make sure she does it! Please go to to get involved today.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Drop All Lockdown Charges

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Goal: 50,000 Signatures

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

Email Premier Danielle Smith

Fill out the form on this page to send an email directly to Premier Danielle Smith calling on her to grant amnesty to anyone who received a lockdown ticket, Infrastructure Act charges, criminal charges, and contempt of court.

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