Thanks to the Freedom Convoy against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Quebec are among the provinces that have recently dropped both the vaccine passport system and the mask mandate.

Even the federal government is considering revoking the vaccine mandate for federal employees.

But the Canadian government still has not done the right thing. Many Canadians throughout the pandemic have been fined, arrested or worse.

And now that restrictions have begun to lift, it is time for their tickets and fines to be dropped.

There is no reason to continue to punish people for their COVID violations that are no longer considered violations by public health.

If you agree the government needs to grant amnesty to anyone who received a lockdown ticket, please sign the petition on this page.

Add your voice to the list of Canadians demanding an end to the punitive treatment of pastors, small business owners, families, and peaceful protesters who refused to bend a knee to the COVID rules that made no sense.