Mainstream outlets silent over trial of reporter attacked by Antifa

Andy Ngo, an independent journalist, was physically assaulted, beaten and had toxic substances thrown on him by Antifa.

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I've arrived in downtown Portland, Oregon, to cover journalist Andy Ngo's trial. He's suing Antifa after he was attacked while covering a protest, and it's the first lawsuit of its kind that I'm aware of.

You can tell it's Portland — the weather is beautiful, there's a "Defund Hate" sign posted — which is very important — and behind me is a squalid tent city. These tent cities are all over the place, even in a fancy part of the city with gorgeous parks.

But homeless people, extremely poor people and drug addicts are a common sight. I was just in Hungary and Romania, those are poor countries, and I didn't see things like this.

Now, the reason I'm here is because Andy Ngo, an independent journalistwas physically assaulted, beaten and had toxic substances thrown on him by Antifa, which sort of runs the streets here.

It's the first time I've ever heard of someone suing Antifa. His legal team is led by the great freedom-oriented lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon. Something unique about this case, and something that we normally do, is that we're not allowed to live tweet the proceedings.

I'm not worried about people from the shanty town coming to get me, but I know that Antifa hates independent journalists. They physically assault them and get away with it. One of the things I've learned about Andy Ngo's case is that the police literally stood by and did nothing. 

I texted a friend of mine who has been in the court, Katie Daviscourt. You might remember her, she is an alumna of Rebel News. She told me there are no other journalists here, which is both fascinating and not surprising.

If a journalist has so much as a mean word said against them by a conservative, if it's a liberal journalist, then it's front-page news. But a conservative or independent journalist who has actually been physically abused by Antifa, well the media critics and defence groups? They don't care.

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