Was the woman in infamous blackface photo really “a close friend” of Justin Trudeau?

After waiting in Greenville, South Carolina for several days, we finally found Mariam Matossian, the woman being groped by Justin Trudeau in the now-infamous 2001 “Aladdin” blackface photo that sparked an international outcry against the Canadian Prime Minister.

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In this photo, Trudeau can’t seem to keep his hands off her. Trudeau explained recently that his handsy behaviour was acceptable because Mariam is “a close friend.”

But is she really?

And is this how men express friendship to their female friends? By groping them?

That’s why Rebel News is in Greenville, South Carolina, where Mariam Matossian now lives. We want to see if Justin is telling the truth about their “friendship.” Is it similar to his “friendship” with, say, the Aga Khan…?

As for the Media Party? They either can’t be bothered to come here, or they think Justin Trudeau is still incapable of bending the truth.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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