Maxime Bernier: PPC candidates ready to get back to work with the party

The PPC was unable to win a seat in Parliament, they did surpass four per cent of the popular vote.

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The People’s Party of Canada saw unrivalled growth in the 2021 federal election. In 2019 the party garnered only 1.6 per cent of the popular vote, but when all the votes were tallied in the 2021 election that supporter base more than tripled to five per cent.

The PPC also had more than twice as many votes as the Green Party, who saw rapid decline over that same period.

While Maxime Bernier’s party was unable to win a seat in Parliament, they did surpass four per cent of the popular vote, which means a significant portion of their campaign spending will be returned to them by Elections Canada for use in future elections.

Maxime Bernier was in Airdrie, Alberta to support the PPC’s candidates for Senate in the Alberta elections. You can check out our coverage of that event here.

While he was in town, he joined us for an exclusive interview looking back on the significant growth of the PPC and to discuss the plans for the party moving forward.

A large part of the success of the PPC was their unwillingness to bend the knee, unlike every other major party, to the overbearing health restrictions and mandates throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They also believe that a person’s private medical information is between them and their doctor, so they opposed the violation of privacy that a vaccine passport constitutes.

Go to now to contribute to our fight against vaccine coercion and to help our stand in defense of medical privacy rights in court.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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