Melbourne gender studies lecturer sentenced to 24 years for horrific domestic murder

A dispute over kindergarten arrangements led to a brutal, fatal confrontation in the family home.

Melbourne gender studies lecturer sentenced to 24 years for horrific domestic murder
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A gender studies lecturer who killed his wife after an argument about their son’s kindergarten arrangements has been sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Adam Brown, 41, a former Deakin University lecturer, admitted stabbing his wife Chen Cheng, 35, to death at their home in Melbourne's east in 2022.

The court heard how the couple were arguing in the kitchen, where Brown claimed they both grabbed knifes.

Neighbours reported hearing screams as Cheng cried "help me, help me, he's trying to kill me" and Brown yelling "stop", "get down", "shut up".

The fight moved from the kitchen to the backyard, where the couple struggled on the grass over a knife.

Brown stabbed Cheng several times in the neck and chest.

When neighbours rushed into the house they found Cheng, bleeding on the grass in the backyard.

The couple’s two-year-old son was in the house.

One of the neighbours, a nurse, tried to perform CPR on Cheng but she died at the scene.

Justice John Champion described the attack on Cheng as a "savage and sustained attack".

The judge dismissed Brown's claims to police that the couple had stabbed each other.

Brown had only sustained minor injuries. Cheng had been stabbed multiple times.

"Ms Cheng fought for her life against your attack on her ... she was terrified of what was occurring," Justice Champion said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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