Membership denied: Dan Andrews locked out of exclusive golf club

After controversially locking down golfers during his pandemic rule, the former premier has been refused entry to an exclusive Victorian golf club.

Membership denied: Dan Andrews locked out of exclusive golf club
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Dan Andrews' hopes of joining Victoria's esteemed Portsea Golf Club have been firmly dashed, with club powerbrokers rejecting his bid.

The former premier's political baggage, described as hanging like an albatross, seems to be the primary obstacle.

Max Beck, a high-flying business associate of Andrews, reportedly approached Portsea Golf Club's influential figures to gauge the possibility of the ex-premier becoming a member.

However, insiders reveal that the proposal was met with widespread disapproval, akin to a golfing shank.

According to Herald Sun sources, the majority of members opposed the idea, with sentiments suggesting it may not even progress to the formal approval process.

Club protocol dictates that prospective members' names be displayed for members to voice their support or dissent, but early feedback indicates a lack of enthusiasm for Andrews' inclusion.

The rejection is believed to have left the Andrews camp feeling subpar, especially considering the lingering discontent on the Mornington Peninsula over pandemic-related lockdowns and the Blairgowrie car accident involving Andrews.

Sources suggest that any further discussions on the matter are unlikely in the near future, as memories of Andrews' controversial tenure as premier are still fresh in the minds of club members.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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