Miss Understood No. 34 — Let's Talk About Sex

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Nothing is better than sex between two people who love and trust each other deeply, yet our culture tries to sell marital sex as “boring” and one-night stands to be “liberating”.

So, in Episode No. 34 of Miss Understood, we talk about sex, baby — in the confines of marriage, of course — following Full House star Candace Cameron Bure's recent interview with Mayim Bialik for her “Breakdown” podcast, where she defined sex in marriage as a “gift from God” that should be celebrated.

We also list some of the dating advice divorce lawyers have for couples and try to define if going to a strip club, getting a lap dance, or dirty dancing with someone of the opposite sex should be considered adultery. We may disagree on a few of these, but some indecent acts are a hard “NO” in a monogamous relationship.

Plus, revolutionaries are speaking out against the inhumane treatment of women in Iran. So, we address the growing momentum of the hijab protests, providing some historical context by looking back on the 1979 revolution when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini seized control of Iran's government and forced the nation under fundamentalist Islamic rule.

We also debate euthanasia laws in Canada and question the ethics of being able to get medically assisted suicide and the slippery slope it can create.

Of course, Hollywood can’t stop romanticizing murderers, and Netflix’s latest show, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, seems to have done just that. So naturally, we add our two cents to the conversation. We argue that the glamourization of serial killers creates more of them and sympathizing with their troubled upbringings is disrespectful to victims of their crimes.

And to round out the episode, we end on a lighter note by talking about Russia and the thousands of men fleeing the country to avoid conscription for a war they morally oppose.

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