Miss Understood No. 44 – Groom Hair, Not Kids

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In Episode No. 44 of Miss Understood, we list some of the most annoying takes from famous women, some of the best takes from famous women, and one annoying take from a person who calls himself a woman, despite having XY chromosomes.

As soon as everyone hears the word ‘annoying,’ New York City Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likely comes to mind. This far-left politician is in trouble with the House Ethics Committee for attending the Met Gala last year.

The tickets alone cost $35,000, and the complaints allege that she wore a custom designer dress, arrived in a limousine, and got her hair and makeup professionally done at a fancy hotel – how anti-capitalist.

The second name that often comes to mind when hearing the word ‘annoying’ is Kardashian. This time, Khloe takes the cake for being the most annoying. But not literally, given she has recently been bragging about her low body mass index and likely never eats cake.

In contrast, actresses Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence have some healthy things to say about body image. 

Although Kate Winslet was constantly asked about her weight as a young actress, she refused to conform to Hollywood’s unrealistic expectations, instead focusing on being “an actor who moves their face and has a body that jiggles.”

Jennifer Lawrence dealt with similar criticisms when starring in the Hunger Games trilogy. But she refused to diet for the film, emphasizing it was something she was unwilling to do, not only for herself, but for “the benefit of her young fanbase.”

Shania Twain is another famous woman with some great things to say about embracing her female body. Although she suffered abuse at the hands of her stepfather, she eventually overcame her discomfort with her femininity, finding her confidence in performance and fashion. Her pubescent woes are something American Girl apparently doesn’t want other young girls to overcome, which is probably why they wrote an extremely controversial book about gender identity that discusses puberty blockers and provides resources for kids to turn to if they don’t have ‘any trusted adults in their life.’

Of course, we can’t talk about gender ideology without mentioning trans-TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who recently responded to backlash regarding carrying tampons around for women despite being unable to menstruate. 

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