Motion to dismiss three Ontario doctors from regulatory stranglehold proceeds

An Ontario lawyer is rebuking the unrelenting grip governing bodies have on private medical practices in the province, condemning their recommendations as not being backed by the force of the law.

Motion to dismiss three Ontario doctors from regulatory stranglehold proceeds
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Michael Alexander, legal counsel for three Ontario doctors currently facing prosecution by their medical regulator, has put forward a motion to argue that continued investigation into his clients must end.

The hearing will be publicly streamed via YouTube on March 10 at noon ET.

The refusal of these physicians “to follow recommendations is not an offence under the Medicine Act,” a recent press release by Alexander states.

The release further details how the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) placed three COVID-related restrictions on medical practice in the province:

Backed by the threat of discipline action, doctors were forbidden from saying anything that conflicted with public health policies and recommendations, writing medical exemptions for Covid-19 injections and prescribing alternative medications approved by Health Canada for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

The CPSO admitted during a previous motion hearing that these guidelines and recommendations were never legislated laws or regulations. Alexander argues in favour of a dismissal of his clients, stating that the “College had no right to enforce its Covid-19 recommendations as if they had the force of law.”

Alexander further condemns the actions of the CPSO in the release:

The College has been the enforcement arm of the provincial government during the so-called pandemic, and has been preventing Ontario's 31,000 doctors from providing over 14 million patients with crucial health information and cutting-edge treatments relating to Covid-19. If we are successful in the upcoming motion hearing, we will break the harmful and oppressive stranglehold the College has had on the practice of medicine in Ontario. And we will assist other health care professionals, such as Jordan Peterson, who have been fighting similar battles against their own regulatory bodies.

Alexander expressed the importance of public scrutiny in how the college conducts itself in a previous interview with Rebel News.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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