Mount Royal University syllabus exposes left-wing indoctrination agenda

Canadian university classroom teaches students to 'physically confront' the 'far-right.'

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A couple of concerned students at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta came to us at Rebel News with a syllabus from one of their general education classes titled “Social Media and Social Movements.” The content of this course seems to be directly aimed at attacking conservative values and figures with the motivation to push radical wokeism on students. This type of material by its nature, is harboring hate towards groups and individuals with opinions that are reflective of those who advocate for freedom and conservatism.

On Mount Royal's website, they mention that “Mount Royal must be an equitable, diverse, inclusive and safe place for staff, students, and faculty alike.” The content that this professor is having his students read and learn definitely does not fall in line with promoting inclusivity, nor does it create a safe place for students with right-leaning politics. The content describes conservative values as "far-right" and claims that those who supported the Freedom Convoy were also "far-right" and that these political ideologies should be suppressed.

We see topics presented to the students such as, ‘How right-wing extremists use social media to lure followers,’ ‘The Rise of the Far Right / Fascist Entryism Online: Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones,’ ‘Neoliberalism, the Alt-Right and the Intellectual Dark Web,’ ‘The Great Replacement” and Other Far Right Conspiracy Theories; “Fake News, Propaganda, and Conspiracy Theories,’ and ‘January 6th and The Ottawa Truck Convoy: Fascist Rehearsals.’

Under the topic, ‘January 6th and The Ottawa Truck Convoy: Fascist Rehearsals’ was the assigned reading, labeled “Fascism is as Canadian as the Maple leaf.” Beyond the outrageous title comparing the Canadian Maple Leaf to a symbol of fascism, the entire article builds on framing freedom-loving Canadians and middle-class workers into something that is a threat and needs to be eradicated.

In this video, I go through the class content and the article “Fascism is as Canadian as the Maple leaf,” and read to you some of the jaw-dropping pieces students are learning, including what seems to be the encouragement of violence towards conservatives or the “far-right.”

I reached out to Mount Royal University for comment on the material of this General Education class. They sent us the following statement:


Mount Royal is a place for the debate of opinions and ideologies, for free speech and the safe and respectful exchange of ideas.

Faculty members at all universities enjoy academic freedom, a scholar's freedom to teach, conduct research, and express ideas without risk of official interference or professional disadvantage. This is at the core of the academic system in Canada and around the world.

Faculty members bring a variety of approaches to course content. What they do with that content is show students various ways of examining and thinking about the world and the people and places in it; they in no way tell students what to think. Rather, students are encouraged to critique and challenge course material. As a result, over the course of their degrees students will be exposed to many viewpoints and ideas, all of which they are free to interrogate.

- Mount Royal University

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