Nanaimo mom told 'it’s my right,' after catching individual peeping underneath her child’s changeroom stall

Since interviewing Wright, she has started a social media movement called #MakeMeSafe to advocate for safe spaces for women and children.

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Imagine catching an adult trying to peep under the public stall your 9-year-old child is changing in and then when you complain to the facility about this, you’re the one made to feel like you’ve done something wrong.

That is what a Nanaimo, B.C. mother of three claims happened to her earlier this month at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. Janayh Wright says she knew not to allow her daughter and niece to enter the centre’s changeroom unaccompanied after seeing members of the community make cautionary Facebook posts about a man entering the women’s changeroom there in recent weeks.

Wright says when an individual wearing a wig and facemask — who was making strange mannerisms such as appearing to have no intention of changing themselves but instead surveying the changing and shower areas — was in the woman-only space, she knew to remain on guard.

According to Wright, the individual eventually settled on entering a stall right next to the one her daughter was in, and shortly after, Wright saw the individual's head peeking under the stall.

Wright says she then confronted this person when they came out of the stall and the individual brazenly told her it was within their human right to be inside the changeroom.

To add salt to the wounds, Wright said the Aquatic Centre employees stated a version of the same thing to her and she hasn’t heard anything from them about the incident since she reported it to them.

The Nanaimo Aquatic Centre also made headlines in January of last year after a pregnant mother claimed she was detained while in her towel for not wearing a mask.

Click on the full video report to hear Wright explain the horrible ordeal she went through while trying to keep her kid safe. Since interviewing Wright, she has started a social media movement called #MakeMeSafe to advocate for safe spaces for women and children.

Constable Gary O’Brian, a media liaison for the RCMP, tells Rebel News that “The individual seen in the washroom has not been identified and has not been spoken to by investigators,” and that RCMP is currently “attempting to locate and investigate” the individual.

If you’re fed up with people not putting children first when it comes to safety, be sure to sign and share our petition at There you can take action to demand that a decent dress code for teachers be implemented so that children don’t have to be distracted by their cross-dressing shop teacher’s protruding prosthetic nipples while learning.

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