Nurse whistleblowers to join forces January 6 in D.C.

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On Thursday, January 6, a group of whistleblower nurses will be hosting a summit in Washington, D.C.

Global Frontline Nurses is an initiative geared toward unifying and connecting nurses who are dissenting voices on the official coronavirus narrative.

Their mission statement reads:

To stand united in truth and solidarity. To fulfill our calling and to uphold our duty to do no harm. To advocate for ethically sound healthcare. To hold the lamp so that others may see our light and become empowered to stand for the same. We are nurses doing what is right and standing up for the truth.

In this interview, I catch up with one of these frontline whistleblowers: Canadian nurse Kristen Nagle. With 14 years of nursing experience, specifically in critical care in the neonatal intensive care unit, Kristen advocates for informed consent, body sovereignty and freedom of choice.

Kristen wants to see balance restored to healthcare, incorporating ethics into public health policy-making and providing more protection for Canadian whistleblowers so they do not fear losing their jobs and/or professional licenses if they speak out.

As a nurse, Kristen has witnessed prolonged and excessive separation of families due to COVID-19 policies: mothers left alone during surgeries and procedures, children being withheld from their mothers while in hospital care, and fathers unable to meet or visit their newborn babies for extended periods of time.

When Kristen began to speak out publicly about the current harmful, unbalanced approach to healthcare, she was vilified, and now faces being reprimanded at her workplace for having a different opinion than that of the mainstream.

Citing part of the Hippocratic oath, “First do no harm,” these nurses feel compelled to come forward regarding the policies they have witnessed that have caused devastation to both individuals and families, on a global scale.

Tune in on January 6 for the nurses’ summit in Washington, D.C. to hear firsthand accounts from real, frontline workers.

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