Okanagan's Church Arsons: First Nations, Locals and Father Obi Speak Their Minds

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Before I could bring you this in-depth report, about what two First Nation Catholic churches, recently destroyed in suspicious fires, meant to their indigenous communities, at least six more churches have gone up in flames.

That’s eight churches that have been destroyed or damaged by fire, in less than 10 days! All beginning just weeks after the first of multiple press releases, the locating of un-marked grave sites near residential schools.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that these fires are more than likely a hate-motivated attack against Christians, including the indigenous Christians that attended these churches they were running.

It can’t even be seen as an act from vigilantes as it is hurting people who had nothing to so with running residential schools, and endangering the lives of indigenous families who live close to the churches, should the flames have become uncontrollable.

Yet, nearly everyone in a position of power is refusing to talk about or even condemn this from continuing from happening.

The majority of the burnt churches have gone down in British Columbia, where silent Premier John Horgan, previously announced that an anti-racism and anti-hate network called Resilience BC, would be funded $540,000 annually “to respond to and prevent future incidents of racism and hate”.

The network's own website describes religious hate crimes as crimes that are “targeted against communities or individuals based on their perceived or misinterpreted religious attire or affiliation”.

I have yet to come across anything to show our taxpayer dollars have gone to good use when it comes to condemning the targeting of these churches and the communities they served.

We travelled down to show you firsthand what was left of St. Gregory’s in Oliver BC, and Penticton's Sacred Heart Church. We interviewed community members including Hereditary Chief Eneas and Father Sylvester Obi Ibekwe, to let you know exactly what the church meant to the community.

If you are concerned about Canada quietly allowing Catholic churches to go up in flames here are two ways you can help.

Share our video at FindTheArsonist.com about the $10,000 reward Rebel News is prepared to offer any tipster that gives us information that leads the arrest of the suspected church arsonist(s).

And support our investigative reports that require travel and accommodation expenses by donating what you can at RebelFieldReports.com

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  • By Drea Humphrey

Find the Arsonist

$10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest of the criminals who are burning down Canadian churches.


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