One size fits all? Municipalities' “cut and paste” mask rules don't even cite scientific studies

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All across the country, municipalities are being told to #MaskUp, #PutOnYourMask, #StayHomeSaveLives, and all the other things people put on social media to try to gain attention and show how great they are.

But what municipalities aren't doing is giving any thought to their declarations.

No matter how many people are sick, infected or in hospital, no matter how many businesses are suffering, city officials across Ontario copy and paste each others work with only slight differences.

For example, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge, Windsor-Essex and Durham all have the same messaging, despite having completely different population sizes, in different locations, with different Coronavirus numbers.

None of these municipalities cite any scientific study or journal in their press releases.

In Durham Region, where you must now wear a mask in indoor public spaces, just three per cent of cases are unresolved.

With two new reported cases at the time of this writing, and a whopping three people currently hospitalized for COVID-19, a region of nearly 700,000 people are now being told masks are mandatory to stop the spread.

The government is using fear and social shaming to do things they otherwise wouldn't be allowed to.

Whether you want to wear a mask or not, it should be up to each private business, and ultimately each citizen.

Citizens also have the option to parse words and work with technicalities; in the province of Ontario, religion is also defined as "creed". The Ontario Human Rights code specifically says:

"service providers have a legal duty to accommodate people’s sincerely held creed beliefs and practices to the point of undue hardship, where these have been adversely affected by a requirement, rule or standard."

Oddly enough, the Human Rights Code also doesn't define creed.

Merriam Webster defines "creed" as: a brief authoritative formula of religious belief, or "a set of fundamental beliefs, a guiding principle."

If it's part of your fundamental belief or guiding principle that your government shouldn't force people to cover their face, then that's your creed and no one can stop you.

I'm not encouraging you to break the law; I cannot because there is no law.

If people's lives are going to be affected – and business owners bullied for not complying with non-laws – we've got a big problem in our society, and something needs to be done about it.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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