Ontario Lotto boss gets nearly $1M severance — after OLG profits DROP almost $16M

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At the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), does the “E” in “CEO” stand for “Entitlement”?

Meet Stephen Rigby. He is just the most recent senior executive to be shown the door at the scandal-plagued state-sanctioned gambling monopoly. And with good reason.

Just consider Rigby’s four-year track record as OLG CEO:

His salary ballooned from $453K to $765K — an almost 70 per cent pay raise!

When Rigby — a Kathleen Wynne Liberal appointee — moved from Ottawa to Toronto, he required months to find the perfect palatial estate. In the meantime, the taxpayer paid for his rental property to the tune of $56K over just nine months!

Rigby didn’t like his office furniture, so that meant spending $4,500 on a new desk and chairs.

He didn’t care for the artwork in his office either, so he spent $3,200 to RENT some paintings!

And perhaps the most outrageous expenditure of all:

He spent $22,000 on a wall to seal off the kitchenette at the OLG’s Toronto HQ so he wouldn’t have to share that area with the little people (his fellow employees)!

In the meantime, this free-spending bureaucrat was certainly not star material:

Last year, profits at the OLG plunged by almost $16 million. So, there was less money going toward hospitals and community centres but plenty of taxpayer dough funding Rigby’s bling-bling lifestyle.

And how’s this for a perverse postscript:

When he finally leaves in the summertime (like Andrew Scheer, it’s a long goodbye process for Rigby) he will be given almost $1 million in severance!

But that’s the thing, isn’t it?

When you‘re a senior executive at the OLG, you really don’t have to buy a lottery ticket in order to hit the jackpot...

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