Ontario Ministry of Health still has NO ANSWERS to tough COVID questions

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With laws and health regulations changing continually, the only constant seems to be deflection by the very sources who are supposed to know and uphold the regulations.

After a disturbing interaction with officer Donnelly of Peterborough police at the end of November, I wanted to continue to investigate why not all parts of the mask regulation are being enforced.

Both officers told me that day that I could contact public health for answers to my questions. So I did. And Communications Manager Brittany Cadence at Peterborough Public Health told me that “she had colleagues who knew the information,” to outline my questions in an email and that she would connect with them and get back to me. So I did.

Her response email was further deflection, asking me to contact media relations at the Ministry of Health.

So I did.

Once again, I outlined 12 specific questions, mostly pertaining to non-medical face coverings, contact tracing initiatives and why PCR positives have only increased since the mask mandate first started nearly five months ago. I noted that the CDC and WHO both define close contact as contact which occurs face to face, within one metre (not two) of distance, for 15 minutes or more (this is also how Canada's contact tracing app works). I wanted to know, who decided that passing someone in a mall or grocery store was close contact?

Check out the video to hear “Adam’s” response. Spoiler alert: It’s just regurgitated talking points and word salad, answering none of my questions.

Seems like there is zero accountability from anyone in charge, especially the unelected health bureaucrats deciding our every move.

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