Trudeau Liberals and the UN continue their war on plastics

Ezra Levant reports from the United Nations plastics summit in Ottawa, where he put tough questions to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault both inside and outside the venue.

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Rebel News has sent reporters to the Ottawa this week to cover the Trudeau Liberals' ongoing war against plastics at the latest United Nations plastics summit.

Prior to the event getting underway, Ezra Levant and Alexa Lavoie put questions to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault on his way into the building. While outside, Guilbeault refused to answer any of the questions.

Inside, however, the Liberal MP addressed a pair of questions put to him by our Rebel News team. Of course, despite being accredited to attend the summit, an official asked our journalists to step outside to talk to them. This, Ezra speculated, was the UN considering calling off the press conference because of our team's attendance.

After worrying that police were potentially coming to kick out our Rebel reporters, Ezra said Guilbeault finally arrived: 

Half an hour after the press conference was supposed to start, guess who walked in but Steven Guilbeault. And there I was, sitting in the second row smiling from ear to ear like cheshire cat. And then a lady from the UN was fielding questions, and I assumed that there was no way on God's green earth that they were going to give me a question to ask.

But I guess she had not been briefed by Guilbeault's team, and I was offered to ask a question. I actually turned around to see if it was someone behind me that she meant — no. 

So, I actually put the same question that I put to Guilbeault on the street. I put it to him very calmly because the question is the question.

But the strangeness wasn't limited to inside the event.

Looking at one of the oddities outside the conference, Ezra remarked about a sculpture made of garbage.

I think the point was, 'look at all this garbage, we've got to clean it up.'

But the obvious response from my mind was, you brought the garbage here because it's not a garbage-y place. You had to create a fake garbage pile that you then said, look, look at the garbage pile.

Well, you brought it here brother.

While it remains to be seen if Rebel News will still be accredited when the event wraps up on April 29, Ezra vowed to fight the globalist organization if they revoke our press credentials:

So help me God, if they ban my colleagues tomorrow, they can expect litigation in ways they've never imagined before. We deserve to be accredited because our conduct here at the UN convention was exemplary.

The only possible reason that they're claiming our documents are insufficent is because I asked some embarrassing questions of that buffoon, Steven Guilbeault, outside.

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