GOT HIM! Rebel News CONFRONTS Canada’s extremist environment minister

Ezra Levant and Alexa Lavoie caught up with Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, peppering him with questions for two minutes, as he headed into the United Nations plastics summit in Ottawa.

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This might have been the longest two minutes of Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault’s political career.

Last year, we sued Guilbeault for blocking Rebel News from his official government Twitter account. We absolutely crushed him — the judge ordered him to unblock us and pay $20,000 for violating our constitutional rights.

A better man would have taken his lumps and paid the fine himself. But Guilbeault pawned it off on taxpayers, just like he did with his legal fees, which easily amounted to $200,000. Why should taxpayers be on the hook if it was his personal Twitter account as he claimed?

Well, I finally had a chance to confront Guilbeault about his abuse of public funds while he was in Ottawa for a UN conference on banning plastics.

You have to see his reaction as I peppered him with questions.

Guilbeault had just come from the UN conference promoting an international treaty restricting plastics — an idea even more insane than banning carbon dioxide. Curiously, Guilbeault has nothing to say about China, by far the world’s largest plastics producer and the world’s largest polluter. That’s another question I asked him — if his silence on China was because he actually sits on the board of a Chinese government agency (I kid you not.) 

I asked him about this conflict of interest during the scrum, which he also refused to acknowledge.

The interaction clearly had him rattled, and there was a tense moment inside the UN conference afterwards as we waited for his official press conference to start. It was clear Guilbeault wanted Rebel News kicked out of the building — they even sent us an email revoking our credentials.

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