Outrage continues after school doubles down on 'Indigenous kids only' pizza party

Drea Humphrey investigates Brent Kennedy Elementary School's handling of parental concerns regarding a 'racist pizza party' held last month in Kootenay, British Columbia.

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Many Crescent Valley British Columbia parents are still hurt and outraged after Brent Kennedy Elementary chose to double down on its decision to host an Indigenous children-only pizza party last month.

In a statement to Rebel News, a publication correspondent for School District 8 confirmed that Indigenous students were rewarded with the delicious meal as part of the school's implementation of the province's data equity survey program.

Despite concerns being raised by parents who oppose their children being racially segregated into groups of haves and have-nots at school, and pushback from the general public who have learned about what’s now being called the “racist pizza party,” Brent Kennedy Elementary has reinforced the decision to host the party.

The school went so far as to accept and then reject a parent-led initiative, headed by school trustee candidate Emily Duggan, to have parents pay for a pizza party for all. The school claimed that a party for all would somehow be more divisive.

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