'The whole thing should be thrown out': Pastor Artur's lawyer launches appeals

Sarah Miller is launching a pair of appeals against not only the compelled speech clause issued to Pastor Artur Pawlowski, but also the court's original finding of contempt.

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After Artur Pawlowski’s unbelievable sentencing, which included compelled speech mandates and massive fines, not to mention numerous personal attacks from Justice Adam Germain, all stemming from Artur’s efforts to feed the homeless and keep his church open, we assured you that we would be appealing the bizarre ruling and sanctions.

Well, Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, who has been provided as legal counsel to Pastor Artur at no cost thanks to your generosity at SaveArtur.com, has been hard at work — she filed that appeal today.

Sarah is not only appealing the sanctions, which included the Soviet-style state-approved messaging which Artur has been told he must read publicly following any comments he makes about COVID-19 and the unreasonable rules and restrictions surrounding it, she is also appealing Pastor Artur’s original guilty finding on contempt charges.

The appeal process can take time, but it will also allow for further examination of the treatment of Artur and Dawid Pawlowski, particularly their dramatic arrests and the time they spent behind bars.

This story has rightfully generated international outrage, and the appeal process will bring even more of the abuses of power that Pastor Artur has endured to light.

The appeal process is a long and expensive one, and we want to ensure that Artur continues to have the very best legal representation, but we need your help to do that, please sign our petition and consider contributing at SaveArtur.com.

Justice Adam Germain has proven that he is unfit to serve as a judge. If his ruling and sanctions don’t prove that conclusively, his misguided and unprofessional ranting against Pastor Artur during sentencing certainly does. If you agree that Justice Germain needs to be held accountable, sign our petition at FireTheJudge.com and help us appeal his ruling by chipping in at SaveArtur.com.

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