EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Tim Stephens first interview following release from jail

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After Pastor Tim Stephens’ first arrest, we met at the river’s edge in Calgary to discuss his experience. His first stay in jail was short-lived because Pastor Tim was never properly served notice of the court order he was alleged to have violated.

There was hope that a return to jail was not on the horizon, but Pastor Tim always understood that his primary allegiance to Christ might once again brush up against zealous enforcement and prosecution by Alberta Health Services.

After his second arrest, Pastor Tim spent over two weeks in jail. He was only released when the Justice Rooke order he refused to sign, knowing it would prevent him from faithfully shepherding his congregation, was dropped across the province on July 1.

Rebel News was on location to capture both of Pastor Tim’s arrests. We have also closely covered the Stephens family and the Fairview Baptist Church family of faith as they’ve journeyed through these difficult times as a community. We are so grateful to have been welcomed into their community to cover this vital story, and we will continue to follow their story fairly and compassionately until the very end.

After Pastor Tim’s July 1 release, and some much-needed family time, we once again met by the edge of the very same river to discuss his time in jail, the ongoing persecution of Christians in Canada, the community of support that has grown throughout these challenges and the road ahead.

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