People support SJW movements but have no clue why | Ezra & Drea Humphrey on JK Rowling Haters

On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Vancouver-based Rebel reporter Drea Humphrey joined Ezra to discuss her experience with people at the "I ❤️ JK ROWLING" billboard that went up and was quickly taken down in Vancouver. 

After Ezra shared a clip from Drea's video, and said how crazy he thought it was to have a billboard supporting widely beloved author being removed, Drea agreed and mentioned the positive support JK Rowling contributes:

It does [seem crazy] and you know she's done a lot of humanitarian stuff too. She donates a lot of the money that she has. Some people say she's taken herself out of billionaire status to do so. So yeah, I totally agree [that it seems crazy], she's definiely loveable and for it to be pitted as a sign of hate simply because out of love she's expressing concerns for women and children. It's just mind boggling, but at the same time, it aligns with 2020 quite nicely.

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