Pierre Poilievre DROPS OUT of Conservative Party leadership race

Pierre Poilievre DROPS OUT of Conservative Party leadership race

Pierre Poilievre has announced that he will not be running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Pierre released this statement via his Twitter account just before 5pm ET today: 

"Over the last several weeks, I have been building a team and support for a possible run for the conservative leadership. In criss-crossing the country, I have been overwhelmed with the favourable response. I knew it would be hard on my family life to do this. But I did not realize how hard. It is harder still because I had just spent the earlier 18 months campaigning furiously to win back my seat in the recent federal election, I mostly missed the 1st year of our baby's life. As such, my heart is not fully engaged in this leadership race. Without being all in, I cannot be in at all.

So I have decided not to seek the leadership of the party at this time. 

I will continue serving the people of Carleton in Parliament.

I am not currently supporting any other candidate.

But I will be looking for a strong fiscal conservative who will unleash free enterprise so people can achieve their dreams through hard work. Finally, I want to thank the people who helped me, supported me and believed in me. I will never forget it."

The news comes one day after former MP Rona Ambrose announced that she too would not be running.

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