Poilievre condemns Trudeau's new internet censorship law, calls him a 'woke authoritarian'

'Yes, we will oppose Justin Trudeau's latest attack on freedom of expression,' the Conservative leader told reporters.

Poilievre condemns Trudeau for supporting internet censorship, calls him a 'woke authoritarian'
The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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Before the winter parliamentary recess, the illiberal Trudeau Liberals quietly reviewed the "international best practices" on internet censorship. But their cabinet did not provide examples at the time of content they would censor.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed Tuesday that his online harms bill is "specifically focused on protecting the kids."

"We need to do a better job keeping kids safe online from child sexual exploitation," he added Wednesday.

He blamed the right wing for mischaracterizing the bill as internet censorship legislation, calling Tory leader Pierre Poilievre "irresponsible" and "not serious" for playing politics.

"They've said this bill will include, among other things, a ban on so-called online hate speech," Poilievre told reporters. "As you know, the Conservatives a decade ago repealed section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which the Liberals tried reintroducing in the last parliamentary term," he added.

"The Conservatives oppose the reintroduction of these provisions and the Liberals approach to so-called online hate speech?" asked a reporter. "Yes, we will oppose Justin Trudeau's latest attack on freedom of expression," replied the MP.

Cabinet in June 2021 introduced Bill C-36, An Act To Amend The Criminal Code, that proposed $70,000 fines for legal content deemed "likely to foment detestation or vilification." Among the categories of harm identified by Parliament then included 'hate speech' and terrorist content.

A Technical Paper and Discussion Paper published the following month pondered a Digital Safety Commissioner to investigate anonymous complaints, conduct closed-door hearings and block websites, reported Blacklock’s Reporter. They have since appointed the said commissioner.

However, Bill C-36 died on the order paper when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a snap election that August. He pledged new legislation within 100 days of his new mandate, but that promise fell through.

On February 14, Trudeau renewed that promise in response to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh during Question Period. Bill C-11 received Royal Assent last April 27 and is expected to be tabled in the coming weeks.

"Poilievre hasn't even seen the legislation we're about to put forward next week," he reiterated. "Responsible leadership is about dealing in facts — actually reading a piece of legislation before he starts telling people what he thinks it does."

"He's not interested in that," claimed Trudeau. "We need to make sure we're protecting the freedoms and the rights of Canadians while we protect kids," he added.

In response, the Tory called Trudeau a "woke authoritarian," suggesting he means "speech he hates" when using the term 'hate speech.'

Among the examples cited by the Official Opposition is accusing pandemic critics of so-called ‘hate speech,’ as well as anybody opposed to his radical agenda against parental rights. 

"Is he going to criminalize those Muslim parents for protecting their children in schools?" he posed.

Poilievre noted that proponents of the bill with "unacceptable views" will also face censure by the Trudeau Liberals.

"Why doesn't he look into his own heart and ask himself why he was such a hateful racist … who dressed up in hideous racist costumes so many times, he says he can't remember them all."

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