Polar bears aplenty! Feds reject Inuit claim that hunting quotas must be raised to keep population in check

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A new and exclusive report from the folks at Blacklocks Reporter shows the federal government has a narrative problem on their hands when it comes to using polar bears as a thermostat for the arctic.

From the Blacklocks article:

“Inuit groups in Federal Court affidavits say numbers of polar bears are growing despite climate change claims. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and the World Wildlife Fund have pointed to polar bear health as proof of catastrophic change in the Arctic.

“Nunavik residents have observed an increase in the polar bear population and a particularly notable increase since the 1980s,” the director of wildlife management for the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board wrote in a Court affidavit: “Inuit have not noticed a significant decline in the health of the polar bears. In fact Nunavik Inuit report that it is rare to see a skinny bear and most bears are observed to be healthy.”

Affidavits were submitted in an Inuit challenge of Department of Environment cuts to voluntary hunting quotas. The department had claimed hunting in the Southern Hudson Bay “is likely not sustainable and creates conservation concerns.”

The Inuit are fighting for their livelihood. The federal government needs there to be fewer polar bears to fit their climate change narrative, which means the government has to act like there are fewer polar bears. To keep the lie going, there must be cuts to the polar bear hunting quotas, even if the number of polar bears is the same, or increasing as the Inuit assert.

According to the Blacklocks article:

“Inuit management boards since 2011 had set voluntary hunting quotas. Environment Canada in 2015 rejected that year’s quota, prompting the Federal Court challenge.”

Isn't that convenient? The year the Libs took power was the very same year the Inuit couldn’t manage their bears without government intervention anymore. And I thought the left was against colonialism.

Today, I’ll examine what polar bears mean to the Northern communities who rely on them for food and income, what happened to a researcher who told the truth about bear populations, and how using these bears as a barometer for climate change puts Northern livelihoods and lives at risk.

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  • By David Menzies

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