Police drop AVO against women's rights advocate over online comments about trans footballer

Kirralie Smith faces relief as NSW police withdraw an AVO linked to her criticism of a transgender athlete in women's football.

Police drop AVO against women's rights advocate over online comments about trans footballer
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NSW police have sensationally dropped an Apprehended Violence Order issued against women’s rights campaigner Kirralie Smith.

An application for the AVO had been issued against Smith after she made comments on social media about a biological male participating in women’s football matches on the central coast.

The transgender player Riley Denis had been the subject of criticism after reportedly injuring female players.

But after Smith’s criticism of Dennis led to Football New South Wales receiving more than 12,000 complaints about the player, Smith was issued with an AVO banning her from discussing the issue.

But yesterday police withdrew the AVO order just as the hearing to validate it was to begin.

Smith told Rebel News:

“After months of stress, and thousands or dollars in legal fees, the application was withdrawn which means we won.”

Smith’s legal team were prepared to argue that the purpose of an AVO was not to silence free speech or political opinions.

“It is not violence, or incitement to violence, to state that males do not belong in female sport,” Smith said.

“We should have every right and freedom to object and have this debate at a public level.”

Smith’s fight is far from over. She still faces two vilification complaints for comments she has made about the need for integrity in women’s sport. And a second male competing in female sports has sought an AVO against her.

“I will have some time off this week to celebrate with my family and then come back stronger ready to stand firm in the defence of women’s sex-based rights and the political freedom to have these necessary conversations,” she said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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