Police probe rise in officers identifying as non-binary after it offered queer cops clothing allowance

Victoria Police now says it is investigating claims of officers exploiting $1300 clothing allowance through false gender identification.

Police probe rise in officers identifying as non-binary after it offered queer cops clothing allowance
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The number of Victorian police identifying as “non-binary” has tripled in the past 12 months.

Police administration are “looking into” claims that the sudden surge in non-binary officers is a ruse to claim higher clothing allowances.

The Victoria Police annual report last year listed 32 employees as “self-describing” as neither male nor female. At May 31 this year that number had jumped to 111.

Rumours started circulating on social media this week that police were changing their workplace profiles on the department’s internal HR system after realising they would be paid an extra $1300 a year for clothing.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the force was:

“Aware of these accusations and will be looking further into the matter”.

Another Victoria police source told the Herald Sun that lying about one’s gender status in order to get more money could be a criminal offence.

“It goes to their integrity,” the unnamed officer said. “For VicPol, this would be terrible and its taxpayers’ money, this is offensive to genuine non-binary employees.”

The Victoria Police website boasts about its commitment to LGBTIQ+ issues.

It has an inclusion action plan that “reaffirms our commitment to writing the wrongs in our past”.

“We acknowledge the history of exclusion for many Victoria Police LGBTIQ+ employees. It is so very important that we encourage all employees to bring their whole selves to work and create a work environment where LGBTIQ+ employees feel safe, and are safe, from workplace harm,” the website says.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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