Premier Danielle Smith 'interested' in releasing Alberta version of the #TwitterFiles

In an exclusive year-end interview with Ezra Levant, the new premier said she's been following the Twitter Files story and is interested in uncovering if any similar actions occurred in Alberta.

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Have you seen last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show? Well, if you're not a RebelNews+ subscriber (what are you doing!?), you missed out on Ezra's special year-end interview with Alberta's new premier, Danielle Smith.

Having succeeded Jason Kenney as leader of the United Conservative Party, Smith assumed the role of premier on Oct. 11. Since then, the world's richest man, Elon Musk, purchased Twitter and has began releasing what's become known as the “Twitter Files”.

With the numerous releases of the Twitter Files showing censorship efforts being coordinated and controlled by government assets issuing dictates to eagerly cooperative Twitter employees, Ezra asked the premier whether she was aware of this type of censorship happening in Alberta.

Responding to the question, Smith said:

I'd be interested in knowing if there was any of that going on [in Alberta]. You know what, the sense I got of it is that everyone is doing what everyone else was doing and I thought that YouTube and [Alphabet Inc. CEO] Sundar Pichai made it very clear when he was in congressional hearings in the U.S.

He said he wasn't going to allow anything to go on YouTube that contradicted Anthony Fauci, and that seemed to set the tone for what mainstream media cover and it seemed to have had an overlap effect in Canada.

So, it may be just that everybody was following the lead of these tech giants, but if there's something more there then we should know the answer to that.

I'll make a note to look into it, I haven't had anyone brief me on that so far.

This is just a brief segment from the feature-length interview with Premier Smith. To see the full interview, along with new episodes of The Ezra Levant Show every weeknight, become a subscriber to RebelNews+ today!

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