Pro-Israel supporters sing 'O Canada' as pro-Hamas crowd says 'F*** Canada' outside historic synagogue

Rebel News' team in Quebec said that while the pro-Israel side sung Canada's national anthem, Hamas supporters chanted to 'free Palestine' and 'F*** Canada' at duelling rallies separated by police outside of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in Montreal.

Pro-Israel supporters sing 'O Canada' as pro-Hamas crowd says 'F*** Canada' outside historic synagogue
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Police are separating two crowds outside of a historic synagogue in Montreal following an anti-Israel rally in the city on Monday night.

Authorities were stationed outside the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Tuesday afternoon, separating a crowd supporting Israel from a group of pro-Hamas protesters. Rebel News' Alex Lavoie and Guillaume Roy are on scene, where they have captured footage from the demonstrations.

A video shared by Lavoie shows the pro-Israel side singing O Canada as they waved Israeli flags. On the opposite side, Hamas supporters waved Palestinian flags and made calls to “free Palestine.”

Chants of “F***k Canada” were also heard by the Rebel News team.

The tense situation comes just a day after a clash between police and Hamas supporters. On Monday night, a number of arrests were made as a pro-Hamas crowd scuffled with police while blocking the Montreal Jewish Federation Building and Holocaust Museum.

In a video posted to social media by Rebel's Yanky Pollak, the crowd could be heard chanting "Shame on you" as officers detained multiple individuals. The pro-Hamas gathered to protest a speaking event by three Israeli Defense Force reservists hosted at the building, Global News reports.

A small crowd of counter-protesters rallied in opposition.

“The demonstrators are attempting to block access to the building and are harassing those trying to enter,” said a statement from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “This is not about political views or a foreign conflict; it's an intentional intimidation of Jewish Montrealers. The protests we've decried for weeks have escalated into a hate mob targeting Jewish institutions.”

Montreal has seen a number of other incidents since Hamas carried out a horrific terror attack against Israel on October 7, 2023. Previously, an individual threw a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue in Montreal, while Jewish building have been shot at multiple times.

Rebel News is calling on the government of Canada to deport non-citizens supporting Hamas, a designated terrorist entity in Canada since 2002. Sign our petition and help us raise awareness at

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