QLD Supreme Court declares Police and Ambulance vaccine mandates unlawful

In a landmark ruling, the Queensland Supreme Court has declared the Covid-19 vaccine mandates for police and ambulance staff to be unlawful under the Human Rights Act.

QLD Supreme Court declares Police and Ambulance vaccine mandates unlawful
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In a significant win for unvaccinated police and ambulance staff in Queensland, the Supreme Court has ruled that the vaccine mandates introduced by the Queensland Police Service during the Covid-19 pandemic were unlawful.

The ruling, which declared the mandates to be in breach of the Human Rights Act, comes after 38 Queensland Police staff, including 16 officers, were reportedly sacked for refusing to get vaccinated.

At the time of the report, nine officers remained suspended as they awaited the Supreme Court decision on the challenge to the vaccine mandate.

The number of Queensland Police Service members suspended due to noncompliance with the vaccine mandate was 201, comprising 116 police officers and 85 staff members.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll had introduced the vaccine directive in 2021, citing the 'heightened exposure to Covid-19 faced by frontline officers.'

However, the Supreme Court ruling has now overturned the lawfulness of these mandates, providing relief to those who had refused to get vaccinated and were facing disciplinary action.

The ruling, which declared the directives to be unlawful under the Human Rights Act, brings an end to the disciplinary action against the suspended officers and staff members.

It also marks a significant victory for the individuals who challenged the lawfulness of the harsh vaccine mandates in the courts.

The decision highlights the importance of upholding human rights standards, especially during times of emergency such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

This ruling sets a precedent for similar challenges to vaccine mandates in other industries and reaffirms the significance of upholding the rights of individuals, particularly in relation to their healthcare decisions.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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