Quebec police drag man from his home for COVID violation — where are the opposition politicians?

A clip of Gatineau, Quebec police breaking up a New Year's Eve gathering shared on Twitter by Rebel boss Ezra Levant was so widely shared on the social media platform that it was seen more than 10-million times. The tweet was even shared by Donald Trump Jr., who described the incident as “insanity.”

The video has become emblematic of the issues many Canadians — and others living in the so-called “free world” — have with COVID-19 lockdown orders. A small gathering of people who were getting together to celebrate a holiday, doing a very normal and simple thing, before a neighbour calls the police and things escalate to the out of control situation captured on video.

This incident happened at the end of December. We're now several days into January, and not one politician has spoken out about it.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra wondered about this very question:

It's now January 4. That video came out on New Year's Eve and I have yet to see a single politician speak out against this. Granted, I'm not following the French-language politicians, but where is the rest of the civil libertarians? Where are the opposition parties, whose duty it is to oppose?

I grant you that this happened in Gatineau, Quebec, but it's similar things across the country — whether it's threatening to Taser a young man on a skating rink, or simply slapping a company destroying fine on a small business. People are starting to get upset.

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