Rebel News was excluded from the TDSB's 'Pink Day' celebration, while the mainstream media was welcomed

Rebel News recently visited the TDSB headquarters in Toronto. David Menzies was greeted by TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird, who defended the board’s decision to expose minors to a drag queen performance.

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Earlier this month at York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto, the focus wasn’t on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Rather, the school celebrated something called the International Day of Pink.

The keynote speaker was gay rights activist Martin Boyce and a whole host of uber-woke activists, including Toronto Police Sgt. Robert Chevalier, who heads up the 2SLGBTQ+ Unit. 

(By the way, even though violent crime is soaring in Hogtown, Chevalier believes that we should be more concerned about “misgendering” trans people. That’s why he advocates the use of gender-neutral made-up words like “nibbling” in place of nephew or niece. We’re not making this up).

As previously reported, Rebel News wanted to take part in this uber-woke assembly but only reporters employed by government-funded and approved media outlets such as CBC, CTV and Global were allowed in.

Which is too bad given that this assembly included a reportedly vulgar performance by a hideous drag queen; we wanted to see what the kids were being exposed to, but no dice.

In fact, we were even threatened to vamoose or be charged for trespassing! But why? What were the educrats at the Toronto District School Board trying to hide from independent media?

Recently, we visited TDSB headquarters in Toronto. We were greeted by TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird, who told us that the mainstream media outlets covering the drag queen show had asked for permission in advance.

He advised us to seek pre-approval for next year’s International Day of Pink drag queen show (and we shall do so).

Bird also defended the board’s decision to expose minors to a drag queen performance. In any event, we shall indeed make certain to make arrangements to attend the 2024 high school drag queen performance.

After all, we just want to get a better understanding as to why so many public schools are apparently more gung-ho in promoting indoctrination rather than education these days…

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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